Good ‘ol reliable MySpace. Angelica friended Josh and then Josh slid into her DM’s. The rest has become history! We did share some classes in High school and had lockers next to each other but, never spoke a word. But, always eyeing each other. Since then, we’ve been married over 12 years, have a house, and two wonderful fur baby’s, German Shepards, (Nahla & Odin). God has blessed us in so many ways and we’re still amazed of his works in our lives each and every day. We always loved going on trips and capturing our memories of our experiences. When we’re not taking photos, we’re just enjoying life! Most likely with a coffee in hand. 

Down to earth, fun, adventurous Arizona Elopement Photography Team

We officially met over 13 years ago…. On… 
You ready for it? 

why photography?

We’ve always loved taking pictures and documenting our travels.

We knew that this is something that we could provide as well! We love getting to know new people and listening to their stories. We go above and beyond for you and listen to your needs. Our goal is to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for you. Don’t get mad if we decide to bust out a speaker and start playing your favorite tunes as well! 

Don’t live in Arizona? That’s totally fine, we’re down to go to you!


“My wife found this amazing couple to do our engagement photos as well as our wedding. The photos and wedding video came out amazing. She started crying when she saw how our photos and videos came out. Don’t second guess. Just book!”


"angelica & josh were amazing!"

They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera when we felt like we had absolutely no idea what to do. They took us to incredible locations and were so accommodating (they even brought a little tent for me to change in!) Both would show us poses to help me and my fiance out when we were taking pictures. I'm so happy we chose them for our engagement photos and would choose them 100 times over again."